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Spell Consultation

Spell Consultation

This is a Non-refundable services. 

We will set you up for a consultation which will normally lasts around 45 minutes. During this time I will assess your situation, and give you a few spell recommendations or create a spell for you from scratch. There are always many different ways to go about casting spells for your desired results. 


However If you would like for me to then personally cast the Spell myself It will be an additional price which will be determined during the consultation. The price takes into consideration price of materials, time, energy, and level of difficulty and mastership. 


Spells take a minimum of a week to cast, and maximum of a full moon cycle. During which time we will remain in contact so that the spell may be adjusted as needed to get the most desired effects. Spell work is non-refundable service. But a great way to help push out any obstacles you might be facing.

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