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Enter the Labyrinth

Enter the Labyrinth

This is a guided meditation into the many aspects of the self  laying deep within the subconscious. This guided meditation is best used when trying to connect to the inner auras to better see them, understand them, heal them, and empower your auras so that you are fully balanced and empowered from the inside to the outside.


The Labyrinth is an ancient tool used by many great Kings and Queens to help them gain spiritual insight on obstacles they faced in their lives. 


Each session is 45 minutes long, during the session we will go through the guided meditation as well as discuss what happened and what you saw as your explored the labyrinth. I will also be able to deliver some light readings during this time based on what I see happening in your aura as I guide you through your own inner labyrinth. 


These are designed as independent sessions but work best when used weekly to complete a larger trail, such as going through the rainbow of the chakra, and spending each week focusing on one specific color. 


Or cultivating a more mystical path and spending each week focused on an individual element until you complete all of them for a more full effect. 

However the Labyrinth is very effective in being used for very specific aspects such as wealth, health, love, motivation, and other independent needs.

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