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Discovering Your Roots 102- The Historians Introduction

Discovering Your Roots 102- The Historians Introduction

This class is recommended to do AFTER 101 as a way of confirming the information that YOU are able to channel through YOUR OWN DNA. 


In this section YOU HAVE ORDER from the DNA results or/and the Archival package. Their DNA package is a one time fee that helps you to understand what are the major migration patterns of your people as a whole. The Archival package is a reoccurring fee from ancestry every 6 months. This allows us to access data banks full of written documents. It is here that we get to really meet your ancestors and give them names, dates, and more color to who they were as every day people existing during their time. The information here can vary to just knowing names and birth dates, to having access to journals and historical documents tied to your ancestors. 


Often there are mistakes on how people analyze historical information, so in this class I will use my degree in history, my degree in anthropology, and my 3.5 years working in University Archives to work for your advantage. I will teach you how to navigate through the ancestry website, and how to identify the most common errors people make when creating their family tree. 


This class is an hourly Session fee, as there is many others hours devoted outside a personal session to helping to analyze and collect the data the for.

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