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Discovering your roots 101 Spiritual introduction

Discovering your roots 101 Spiritual introduction

It is an exciting day the moment you choose to open the door to your ancestors. unfortunately as time moves forward we tend to forget the past, which is why it tends to repeat itself. History repeats not just in our own lives, but will repeat itself through the blood line and generations to come if not corrected on the ancestral level. 


Doing ancestral work can help you to not just clear our impurities on your own life, but can clear out trauma energy from the past so that it may repeat itself in generations to come, as not all family issues are passed down generation to generation, often things hide and skip many generations. 



In this first section of connecting with your ancestors we will explore what is on the top surface. Collecting data that you already know about your heritage and adding to it using both meditation practices as well as using historical and anthropological research. 


Here we explore your spiritual collection to your ancestors by going deep inside your DNA and your subconscious. During this time I will reserve the right to provoke your subconscious using ancient symbols, languages, rituals, etc to see what your response is.


This class is a bit more intense than my other classes, and is tailored specifically to you. This Course is offered by session, so that you may determine how much time you want to spend on metting your ancestors. 


After taking this class you might want to choose to take the next class which focuses on using DNA and Archval work to help give evidcence to what you were experiencing in this class. 


Often epople have been able to match up names and faces to the specific family mebers that expereinced trauma that causes them to have certain fears or short coming in this life. When we are able to then name it, we are more easily able to transmute it. 


each session takes about 60- 90 minutes based on the indiviauls needs to that particualr session. 

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