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 For legal discloser, All Spiritual practices and services are for ENTERTAINMENT purposes ONLY

1 card Oracle Readings $20  
Delivered in PDF format Via Email

All Readings over the Phone, and Guided Meditations over the phone 
Text me for an appointment: 404-576-2718
Chakra Balancing meditation: $50
30 Minute Reading $75
60 Minute Reading $125
90 Minute Reading $175

Tutoring Sessions
by package
Rainbow Trail 8 week program $1,000 0r $150 weekly 

Spell Work
Each Spell varies in Price based on your needs. However A consultation will first need to be set up to be able to determine the best spell work needed for you. Consultations are $100.
Spell work ranges from $30-$15,000 
Please text me to make an appointment for a consultation or message me on Facebook. 

If you are wanting an advisor on your magical journey please text or email me.  

When it comes to magic I specialize in
 Enochain left and right hand paths.
Ancient Dragon Magic of the West
Rainbow Aura / Chakras


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