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Year of the Earth Golden Pig

Last Year was the year of the Earth Dog, in February 2018 edition of the Oracle 20/20 I wrote an article about predicting the outcomes for the year of the Earth Dog, today’s blog I will be letting you know what to expect for the year of the Golden Pig.

Last Year, Earth Dog, we saw that things got very tense, and emotions ran high. As truths were brought to the light, a lot of people’s foundations were rocked. This ended up creating a divide between those people who were willing to face their truth and those who were running further from them.

People who suffer from depression were also pushed to more extremes. This light and dark duality was one that many people saw in both world politics, as well in personal relationships around them. Last year was about the LONG GOAL, and being patient while doing the work needed. This was the energy that fed into what is being manifested in the year of the Golden Pig.

This Year, Earth Golden Pig, the theme is about wealth increasing in a multitude of ways, especially for those who did their Karmic work of the Wooden Dog. The year of the Pig is about being goal driven or hard headed when used in a positive way. It can also be about being lazy, gluttony, and and not smart, if the more negative attributes are chosen. This year being the Golden Pig specifically signifies a quicker than usual return for hard work. Projects that have been in the making will escalate quickly when given the attention needed. Make sure your not allowing for this new wealth energy to corrupt you, or cause you to get too carried away. Wealth energy is set to increase from March 6 to June 3, then your wealth is going to be tested throughout the rest of 2019 until November 26, just in time for American Thanksgiving day. The last three Moon cycles of the Golden Pig will uplift you further than the first three had.

Think wisely and be appreciative of whatever wealth energy the universe chooses to send your way. Wealth comes in many forms and is related to the element of Earth. So when matched to the older Tao approach to the zodiac is would be more appropriate to call this the year of the Earth Pig. This energy represents an increase in monetary value, health of the body and/or spirit, and a more successful relationship with the family around you. Self worth is what will be predicted to increase the most if you are willing to put in the work to make it happen.

There are many ways you can be active in invoking this great Earth Golden Pig energy, as well as many things to avoid invoking the less desirable energies that the year will brings. One way to invoke a healthy vibration for the year is to be better connect with the earth elemental energy in general. Check out my previous blog, the Beauty of Earth, for more detailed tips. Other ways you connect and be specific with this years energy, is using some gold to meditate with. Anything that is 24 K will be ideal to work with. Also there are bottles of gold flakes available online that are cost effective and work well. Tigers eye is a very powerful stone than can be used in replacement of gold, as well as pyrite. There are also many Chinese rituals that you may to choose to participate in to increase the positive flow of the Golden Pig.

Golden Pig festivities will be traditionally practiced starting on February 4, 2019 with New Years celebrations of a nice dinner and fire works. Festivities last for 7 days, invoking the dragon energy is very popular. The dragon is invoked with the lighting of fire works, but also with the traditional dragon dance. Red envelopes filled with money are given from older generations to younger generations, as well as given as offerings of thanks to ones divine guide. Paper money is also lit on fire to help raise the wealth money from you to your ancestors, and to the universe so that it may be returned. Lanterns used to manifest your wishes are also lit and allowed to travel up into to the sky to help deliver your message.

May the Golden Pig bring you much wealth in the year to come.

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