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The Beauty of Yang, White Light

In my blog about the Beauty of Yin we learned about our dark side, and how to value and connect with it. Today we focus on our Yang, or light energy.

Yang energy is considered masculine and full of warmth and light. It is very popular in modern spirituality to align ones self with the “White Light” or be “Light Workers”. This is all part of the masculine energy, known as Yang. The Yang energy runs down the right side on the body. It is related to the Direction of the East, where the Sun rises.

Yang is the energy that has been most dominant in religion in the past many centuries, and even thousands of years in some places around the globe. A male energy that brings us the light and hope of a new day.

In ancient far eastern theory, the Yang energy is warm and creative, bringing us towards heaven. We often see these ideas in western theology, both old and new.

In ancient times of Greece they saw their sun God, Apollo Helios as the bringer of light. He was the god of creativity such as music and poetry. He ruled balanced with Artemis the Greek Moon Goddess, Representing the balance of power in needing them both.

In ancient times of Egypt we Ra, the creator of the universe. He is the powerful Sun God who brings light and warmth to Earth. Ra was seen in a bit more power than that of Apollo, as he was the most power and center of the Gods. This then leads into more modern religions such as Christianity with their Male God of Light and Love. Similar to Apollo in his ties to ancient prophecies.

There are many ways to Connecting to this White Male energy. Connecting to light above and being ready to receive guidance is a popular way many connect with the light. Another way that really taps into the core of the Yang Energy, is to challenge oneself. Start making small goals for yourself and watch yourself work to achieve them. As you see yourself improving you might want to increase the amount of goals, or increase the difficulty at achieving the goals.

In the current New Age movement many spiritual people call themselves Light Workers. As they aspire to achieve living fully in the light. It does not include the duality of coexisting with the darkness, or yin energy. However it may help to give you a deeper insight into the many forms in which the Light Energy may operate when used in a spiritual way. In the Light Workers movement, it is a goal to work on oneself to "vibrate higher" and move up in love and forgiveness of others. This is a path that leads the individual into other deminisions, as it is believed most people live in the 3D reality, light workers evolve to living a 5D reality.

Though there are many differences in this usage of Yang from the traditional usage, we still see this common theme of the Light being above, and to move towards the light is to move in an upward motion. Working with Yang you will be able to rise up and shine brighter than ever before.

If your having a hard time determining healthy Yang goals, you might want to start with getting up with he rising sun. You may also want to choose to do Sun Salutations to invoke the Yang energy within your physical body. You might also want to consider choosing goals that more connected to the creative warm energy within. Creative writing, journaling, painting, home improvement, gardening, etc are all ways that you can invoke this Yang energy into your systems o help create the best balance with your Yin.

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