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The Beauty of Fire

As with the other elements,Water, Earth, and Air, the human body is also made up of Fire. Though maybe not exactly in the specific image one might think, such as a fire pit. Fire also known as electrical currents are what help to keep the body alive and moving. Electrical currents are a perfectly valid way to perceive fire, as it is friction, and other ways electrical currents run that cause fire to be able to take place. This fire in the human body allows for our nervous system to carry messages throughout your inner universe. It is the currents of positive energy, negative energy, and how we choose to interact with the obstacles that life presents us.

When a person works out or gets sick, the fire element increases to help fight off whatever is not best for the body, and this can have an array of side effects on both the body and mind. When the body is under attack by lets say an infection, it causes the body’s temperature to increase because some cells remain dormant until enough heats omitted. These Cells are of a a particular lymphocyte type, known as a "CD8+ cytotoxic T-cell”. SO what exactly does that mean? Basically you have a system in your body called the Lymphatic system, its similar to your red blood vessels which carry nutrients, the Lymphatic takes waste from other parts of your body ignorer to to take it to centers to filter out unwanted things from your fluids that circulate. The “CD8+ cytotoxic T-cells” are like big Guys who get notified when big outside threats hit the system. These guys are super powerful and will fight off things form the Flue,y to Cancer cells, and many other negative intruders. This is why health tools like chemo therapy have been used to help heat up the system to help power-up these cells to perform even better. Working out is a natural way of heating up the body to help access these guys more regularly to help keep the larger threats out of the system before they get a chance to really build up.

Standard-Bild - Arten von weißen Blutzellen
Different types of White Blood Cells

Chi is another energy found in the body that is often related to the element of fire. This is the eastern approach to accessing the same healing system, though instead of directly using fire, historically they used metal needles in a method called acupuncture. In the Eastern theories of the elements metal is an element all within itself. Today however a new method based in accouter is now being used. Instead poking the patient with needles to access the chi, some acupuncturist are using electromagnetic currents. Infant you can ever buy little acupuncture pens that use electricity to help heal your chi rather than the metal elements as used in through eastern healing history.

In many spiritual beliefs such as Kundalini and Chakras, one can relate the fire element to specific energy points, or auras, within the body. The particular aura or energy point is often called the Solar Plexus, which is located right in your stomach. This is where your “gut instincts’ are also thought to originate from. This fire gives us the ability to move through obstacles, and taking life step by step as we achieve goals, and destinations. The element of fire is often the element most noticed in the personalities of others. Often characteristics like “hot headed” are just as they claim to be, a person who has too much fire and heat in their thoughts. Fire can be a bit more chaotic compared to the other three elements found in western thoughts. So when the heat from below reaches all the way to the top, it of course causes a person to “loose it”, or order to let off a little bit steam, before returning to a more calm place.

Other personality traits are related to fire, such as passion. Again an energy that we seem to be able to have less control over. As passion is known to be a bit crazy when it comes to love or to ones life work. It will push people to places they never imagines they could go to , both good and bad. This fire and passion is often associated with “rebel” causes found in both history as well as great fiction stories. No matter how “crazy” they seem, they are loved to how deep their passion runs for the ideas they are set one being involved with.

The element of fire burns in each and everyone one of us, and there are many ways we may choose to harness the power it beholds. Rather you use it to help build up your body, or push through hard obstacles to stay convicted to your life passions, fire can help aid in you many beneficials way throughout life.

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