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The Beauty of Earth

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

Earth is a main element found in Western Alchemy. Earth is a key ingredient in keeping the body healthy and moving. The element of Earth effects the body in many ways. These are the solid structures of your body. Such as your bones, skin, and your hair. The best things we can consume for our body also originates from the elements of earth, as this would include vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs, and meats.

In consuming these foods we do have to keep in mind that not every persons body reacts to earth in the same way. This has a lot to do with the region a persons family originates from. As culture and foods available play a big role in what the body adapts to over time. Your blood type also plays a large factor in what is best for your body to consume to empower the earth element the most. This journey of diet often takes years maybe even a decade or two to explore. A food diary is highly recommended when exploring how this earth element effects your temple.

When it comes to herbs they are very healing and nurturing to the body. Many herbs can are great at boosting the immune system and have been used for hundreds if not thousands of years. Some of the essential herbs used today are Echinacea, Lavender, Honey Suckle, Garlic, Elderberry, Ginger, and some Mushrooms. Some of the herbs like Ginger, may be taken in larger amounts if desired and even be added to your favorite recipe. Other herbs like Elderberry also have the ability to kill you if taken in too large of a quantity. Of course things like your temple size, and how clean your system is should be taken account when researching how much to consume.

Eating meat is a popular taboo in many cultures in the USA and throughout the world. Often many spiritual teachings with discuss not consuming meat, while others restrict the type of meats to eat. While others say eat of the earth’s meats whatever you choose. In todays era eating meat and eating vegetables and fruits is not as it was during the time of these scriptures.

Religion is very much a cultural aspect in choosing how one should live their life. So as religion is very important, the new religion of today is science in the aspect of what life style is best to choose when it is comes to earth consumption. In modern day there are many ways to start exploring the science of what is the correct way to nurture the earth into your temple. One popular theory is “Eating for your Blood type”. In this method of science they suggest type O to eat heavy meats such as red meat, fish, and poultry, and to avoid grains and fatty foods. Where as type A is often looked at as a more vegan based diet. Eating a lot more fruits and seeds than a Type O. However I must say that I am a bit skeptical of the information I have analyzed thus far on the topic. As I personally have type O, I need red meats as I have discovered, but I also need fats such as olive oil and peanuts like type A is said to need. So I believe that this might be a good place to start, but do not allow for one system to be the only say.

What I have found for me that works personally in gaining a healthy connection to earth in the consume of meats, nuts, fruits, vegetables, and even minerals, is that we need to look at the source in which these earth elements are coming from. During the time that many of the religious scriptures were written, the earth and how people related to the earth was much different than that of today. The main issue today is rather it be meat, or vegetables the earth is not being cared for as it once was. Now all places around the world are different and do still adhere to the old ways and relations between people and earth.

Today If you are choosing to consume meat, please try to avoid animals that have been locked in cages, or often have their young taken from at such early ages. You also want to check if these animals are being fed any time of antibiotics and other potions. One way to insure the healthiest food you can is by hunting or fishing yourself. Of course you will need to check for seasons and checking out the local eco system to make sure everything is clean.

Checking for clean food is also very important when choosing our fruits and vegetables which seems to get trickier every day. As pop culture has taught us, organic is always better. However that is not always the case either. The vast majority of farms in the USA no longer rotate their crops and are destroying the soil key levels of minerals and such that your temple needs to truly benefit from those plants. The issue of not rotate crops is very serious and cause serious health issues such as destroying the thyroid gland. Another issue particularly in “organic” crops, is that the but a lot of estrogen in the soil to keep the bugs away without using toxins or poisons. The problem with that, is it too will alter the thyroid and all parts of the body effected by hormones. Problems with conceiving children, and Breast cancer can be linked to this issue.

Before you start getting upset about how there is another food you can't eat. Remember that there are many markets that still sell local produce. It is often less likely such places put in that extra time and money to disrupt the soil. Another solution is to grow your own food. This can be done even inside an apartment. With science we do have solutions for small living farming. Such as using a tower garden. You may also choose to plant some herbs as well, or start of with the herbs. Again, herbs are healing and may help to reverse any damage caused by consuming earth elements you wish you had not.

For those beginning their path with with how their temple relates to the Earth Element, there are some “magical pills” on the market to help you. A great supplement to take is one that is made up of healthy foods themselves. They are not just a simple vitamin C supplement, but a supplement that includes the entire food related to that vitamin. As our temples have thousands of years if not Millions of years, being use to getting that Vitamin C with all the other vitamins. The brand that I take, and do sell, is juice plus. It is a WHOLE food supplement. what is great about these whole food supplements is that your temple gets use to getting more of the earth element. Over time the temple knows how good receiving the element in the purest form can be. And you will start to natural crave it. It does however take about 4 months for you DNA to cleanse itself. So if you choose not to make it a daily part of your life, it will be beneficial in healing your body.

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