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The Beauty of Combining the elements within self.

When we think of the four elements of the Western Alchemy we often forget that when combines the four elements open up to a fifth element. Some depict the fifth element to be love, while others claim it is spirit. Though in Modern theory many people link spirit and love as though they are one in the same. In todays thought, we are just seeing this fifth element as the element of Spirit, of the Holy Ghost is another term I personally would connect to this fifth element.

There are few people who are lucky enough to have a strong and easy time connecting directly to spirit. However in the realm of magic spirit is strongest when its alchemy elements are all brought together. A symbol of this gathering is the pentacle star, the five pointed star. We see this star in many forms of magic, rather it be pagan religions such as wicca, or Monotheistic religions such as Christian or Jewish mysticism. The five pointed star is most empowered when the four elements come together to access the fifth element. In the previous four blogs I discussed how each and everyone one of us is already connected to these four individual elements. So it really is not all that difficult for you to connect to the fifth element.

You might want to start being more mindful at this point as to how your interacting with each element, and notice the times when you are consciously being active with more than one element at a time. A great activity to access all the elements at once is a good strong work out. This is the type of workout where you want to have to push yourself. Push yourself till you start sweating, as this point your activating your water element and pushing out impurities. Push yourself till it hurts in your muscles at the point your able to activate the earth element. As your building the earth within you to become more solid and stronger. Push yourself till your breathing becomes more intense and your lungs begin to open up more, as this helps you to connect and activate the element of air. Push yourself until your body heats up, to ignite the fire within in, as it too purifies the body not only of spiritual impurities but can kill off unhealthy versus, bacteria, and other junk floating around in the body. When all four of the goals are accomplished in your workout the fifth element opens up, certain chemicals like endorphins and dopamine are released. Some people may even have a “high” from accessing this fifth element through working out.

Stretching after working out hard will allow for the fifth element to then decent deep into the body. For those who have a harder time achieving all four elements in working out, will benefit from starting off with stretching to first get connected with the temple. Stretching still allows for the body to warm up, and allow for the muscles to relax the earth within. Deep breaths that are controlled will also be very beneficial in stretching, and make sure to be drinking sips of water through out the stretching. Though the intensity of the chemical release will be less. However progression in self is always a path towards reaching spirit at it trust form.

Another common way that people connect with the elements to reach spirit is through meditation. During the meditation you might want to consider bringing in physical items to interpret the different elements. Water in a bowl, salt or a crystal for earth, candle for fire, and an incense or feather to represent the air element. This is a more common way that people connect with the fifth element. However I would argue using outside sources for the elements is not as strong as bringing the elements into your physical being.

In the end there is no actual right nor wrong way in connecting yourself to all five elements. But it is ideal to keep a journal and create hypothesis to test with experiments to see what works the best for YOU. As each person is different spirit interacts differently with each one of, connects with us at our truest self, and that takes a lot of time to understand what that is, and that journey is the most important part.



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