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The Beauty of Air

Air is an element that we often tend to forget is a crucial part in not just our every day life, but in every moment air is running in and out of our bodies. The element of Air is found in the western alchemy system. In western theology of Alchemy, Air is related to ones intelligence and ability to over come obstacles presented to ones self throughout your existence.

Air is a key element in the living things of earth. So what exactly is Air? According to Merriam-Webster, Air is many things; breath, empty space, mixture of invisible, orderless, and tasteless gasses, etc. Most people in metaphysics would relate the element of Air to a feather, where a bird may fly across the empty space, or by the breath we take, and our relationship with the tree and endless cycle and relationship we share to keep one another healthy. In the modern world as we are young we often forget how effortless air may come to us, but as many people become older air may be more precious to them as each day passes along. Air comes in many forms and may cause the wonderful of things, but may also cause great suffering if not properly respected.

As we grow inside the womb, we develop each element one by one. However it is not until we are born and take our first breathe of air, do we truly become whole. It is particularly the part of the element of Air called oxygen in which allows for us to grow and thrive when we are able to receive clean amounts of oxygen as apposed to our Air being filled with gases such as methane, which in large amounts may cause a person’s body to stop functioning and die. Yet both oxygen, methane, and many other gases like nitrogen and carbon dioxide, are all parts that may change in the element of air. It is this complication that the Mystic must learn in understanding a larger part in how magic works. As for the human body Oxygen is what promotes the best health, however other living being such as Trees to whom grow best in a carbon dioxide. It is humans together with plants that creates a healthy eco system, for as humans breath in oxygen, they breath out carbon dioxide for the trees. As the trees breath in the carbon dioxide waste of the human, it then breaths out waste in the form of oxygen.

Air is a great element to show man that we can not live completely alone. One might even argue that it keeps us humble in remembering that if we do not care for the plants around us, then they will not be able to care for us in return. However humans also have a much darker relationship with Air as well. In learning that Air is made of different gases, in mysticism, or modern science, a human is able to manipulate the different amounts of gasses that are in the Air, and even change them in very advance ways. Humans have been able to create things such as gas bombs being used in Chemical war fare such as those used in WWII and Vietnam. They vary in the types of horrible pain and deaths in which they create.

But with darkness we can return yet again to the let. As we are able to manipulate air to cause suffering and death, we may also manipulate the air to cause healing, and longevity. We have bronchodilators that help people with illnesses such as bronchitis, asthma, and COPD. Other medications can be taken orally to help for the lungs to be more open to receiving oxygen. Which of course helps with brain function as well as keeping all the other organs alive.

When traveling places with higher altitudes some people might have a difficult time adjusting to the oxygen levels. At popular travel destinations, like Pike Peaks in Colorado often air that you can purchase. Other popular travel destinations such as Las Vegas, Nevada have also found creative ways to give people a boost with air. Oxygen bars are popular in most casinos on the Main Strip. Known for helping with hangovers, but also giving you that extra whim, for when your on a roll hitting all the jackpots and lucky dice.

We often over look the element if Air, but just take a moment to connect. Breathing it deep down into your lungs, and slowly releasing it out of your mouth. With each breath you take and release, remember your connection to trees, and plants around you. Noticing the little smells both good and bad around you. And allow yourself some fun with the types of gases in the air you choose to breath in.

Websites to check out:–-very-air-we-breathe

Books to check out:

“The Oxygen Advantage: Simple, Scientifically Proven Breathing Techniques to Help You Become Healthier, Slimmer, Faster, and Fitte”r By: Patrick McKeown

“Into This Air” By: Jon Krakauer

“Lecture on Gas Theory” by: Ludwig Boltzmann

“World War I Gas Warfare Tactics and Equipment” By: Simon Jones and Richard Hook.

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