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The Beauty Of Water

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

Water is one of the main elements in both eastern and western spiritual philosophy, or also called alchemy. Water is the main element in which the human body is made of. As we begin life we our bodies are 75% water, and as we grow and move through life that percentage can drop as low as 55%. Water seems to be the dominant element in which the human body is made of. Keeping this in mind, it would greatly benefit each one of us to learn how water can be so fluid and easily changed. As water heats up it turns into a light gas, as it cools down is becomes hard and heavy. Water also carries sacred geometry with in crystals that can tell us more about it.

In doctor Emoto’s work with water crystals he examines the effects of words,music, and prayer had on the crystals of the water. After each event he would freeze the water and then examine the geometric patterns in each water crystal. In his studies he did show that there was a consistent pattern in what was promoting beautiful geometric shapes over what appeared to be more chaotic patterns. When words like Happy, joy, and love were written on a bottle of double distilled water it would produce the geometric patterns we often associate to snow flakes. When he wrote words like hate, anger, and disgust the patterns of the water crystals looked a lot more chaotic.

Since out body is predominantly made of water, and water can be so easily effected by words, music, and other things, I would safe that is ok to assume that these things also have a dramatic effect on the body as well. However as we all know not all bodies are the same. So this could start an interesting journey for the person looking to have a better relationship with the element of water. The best way to start these connections is with programming the water with the music, words, prayer, etc before you consume it into your body. of course it is best to use distilled water when stating these tests, and I do suggest that you try to use the scientific method or some sort of method when recording your information so that you make look back on it and decide rather or not the evidence suggests that it promotes you want to be, or hinders it.

Drinking water in general programmed or not is fantastic. As you can focus on what you want to bring in and then when you release you may focus on what toxins you want to let go of. When doing this another obstacle one might want to be aware of is what chemicals may or may not be in the water. In dr. Emotes work he focused particularly on distilled water, which was free of as many chemicals and minerals as possible. However you may discover that certain minerals and chemicals within themselves may enhance your water as well.

In the metaphysical community is is becoming increasingly popular to add tumbled quartz crystals to drinking and bath water. While others of the day to day person may choose certain minerals from around the world’s natural springs, such as Fiji or Evian water. Most people however drink filtered tap water. Which is typical full of various chemicals that can be life threatening. However there is a website to find out what chemicals may be in your local tap water, which will help lead to educated choices that can off set those chemicals, for those who don't have other options available, the best website to use is , however I am not currently aware of other websites for other nations not listed on this particular website.

As we explore the element of water within ourselves, we must also remember that it is only one of four, or five elements based on which alchemy philosophy you may choose to follow. As this is just the start and the foundation to connecting to other alchemical properties in which you are made of. Once your able to connect and be in full oneness with the element within, then one may see how they may effect the same element around themselves as well.

Websites to learn more:

Books to learn more:

“Your Body’s Many Cries on Water”, by F. Batmanghelidj

“Hidden Messages of Water”, By Dr. Masaru Emoto

“National Geographic Readers: Water” by Melissa Stewart

“Word Water, and Spirit: Reformed Perspective on Baptism” By John V. Fesko

“The Waters that Divides: To views on Baptism Explored” By Donald Bridge

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