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Beauty of Yin and Yang: Personification

In the previous two blogs I discussed Yin and Yang in more religious terms. Pointing out a Pattern that can be found all across the world and all across time. The God being of the light, and the Goddess of the dark. When we start to personify the Yin and Yang we are able to pull them apart more easily by making them into little Archetypes, or even mini-egos of the larger ideals of “god”. This is a great activity to start to learn the basics of the two, however it can become very toxic when the two are not within their proper natural state of Duality.

Seeing this energy personified in human culture is a strong moving force of why we see gender inequality playing out around us. We keep wanting to bring in the light, the son, the white purity… all of these are an imbalance of calling only the Yang energy into existence. Some even demonize the way the energy chooses to take form in their life, which is for a variation of reasons. In return this may also trigger a stronger negative effective in the yang as that is the point of origin of negativity. Basically.... Abrahamic religions, Buddhism, even Lucifarian... they all uprise a male figure looking for love and light. So our society became more male driven. Our Spiritual reality then rippled out into our social and physical reality.

We are now at a point in which we are noticing this imbalance of power in every way, however we are being a little too true to nature of Yin and attacking this imbalance with negativity, while unfortunately still demonizing the darkness itself, often mislabeling it as masculine. The best way to start to reclaim this balance is to seek the Goddess to balance all the God personification around us. Another solution is to eliminate all personifications of "god" in totality and learn to just feel its energy in its many other forms. However it will take work to get to that point.

Even though the personification of "God" can be so dangerous as becoming the largest "sin", it is still again a good point to start with, because that is so programmed in the root of how we view "religion" that we will have to work to rebalance this problem so that we may successfully move on. There are a few great questions you may ask yourself and other ways you may test yourself to ensure your not crossing that line, however thats a topic for another blog. For todays example the best action again is to seek that Goddess to help balance your Masculine energy. The two most popular examples we see of this balance happening naturally are with Mother Mary, as Both Catholics and Muslims often turn to her for strength and guidance, Saint Brigid is popular amongst both Catholics and protestants as I discuss in a post blog focusing specifically on her. In Buddhism we have Quan Yin, Goddess of Mercy, Originally Guan Yin and Male, but had a gender change as he moved further east as the people noticed that During that time in China there was this Struggle of male energy become stronger and the emperor wanted more femininity present in their society.

Another great way of creating this balance is to bring it within your physical form. In modern Spirituality it is very popular to seek the god or goddess within. In the Abrahamic religions their beliefs are that they were made in God's image, or likeness. Both discuss the body as a temple to be cared for, and looking at ancient eastern philosophy, every human body needs to be balanced with the yin and yang energy within. In many practices of the far East, it is rumored that when your body is perfectly balanced in theses two energies any thing becomes physically possible, no matter how impossible it may seem.

For some reason discussing our bodies is often both taboo and very negative. First lets examine the daily dialogue as our speech patterns are very unbalanced and heavy with the Yin, negative energy. So start finding ways to speak and think more positively about YOUR body. Keep in mind, the body is such a vast universe of understanding that it goes far beyond the dualities of the Yin and the Yang, as I have tried to explore in other past blogs. Understanding basic concepts of duality in the body is the best place to begin. So now lets examine the specifics of the Yin and Yang of the body.

Understanding the Yin and Yang of the body goes back to ancient times of the East. It is a basic understanding when it comes to much of their ancient and present day medicine. The medicine of the East has many different pathways through the body in which they examine, such as the nervous system in the use of acupuncture which is an increasingly accepted form of medicine in the USA as well as it proves to have great healing benefits. It appears the more we open up to ideas of Eastern Medicine, the further we are able to understand how our bodies work and heal. Now imagine learning to balance that goddess and god energy within and how that will ripple out from you to the world around.

In eastern Philosophy, as we are studying it today, you have two ideologies of how the duality moves in the body in a spiritual sense that also effects the body. You have the duality of the kundalini found when studying the Chakras of India. The white and black energy or snakes, as it moves through each one of your aura centers. Which I discuss in the Rainbow Trail Class and Oracle cards and book. The other theory, is that more of the Far East and related to Doaism rather than Hinduism. Regardless of the religion they have same beliefs on how this energy moves around in the body and creates the body itself.

First lets examine that we have male or female bodies, which is incoded into our DNA this duality. And when brought together may create life. Based on ancient Tibetan yoga practices, the body has Prana channels to move the Aura around in the body. The Yin Feminine, dar