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Astral Projection: Safety 101

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Astral Projection is a very popular topic in the modern spiritual communities. It is used for a variety of reason. It may be used to explore other dimensions co-existing ontop of the one that your physical body is linked to, you may meet with enlightened beings, you can meet with other people living on earth if they too choose to astral project as well. All of these are healthy reasons to learn astral projection, however there are also toxic reasons for pursuing this magical skill. Many people having a hard time in the every day life may seek out astral projection as a means to escape, which is incredibly dangerous reason to approach any type of magical skills. However the perspective on being in a hard situation would be to learn magic not as a means of escape but rather to empower your inner self to be more aligned with a physical world you desire to be in, which would not include astral projection at this time. Astral projection is a skill that can be incredibly dangerous if one is not healthy enough, or educated enough on the manner.

So what is astral projection? Astral projection is the ability to disconnect the physical self form the spiritual self. Yao first be able to understand this, it works best if you believe in the concept of a soul. Without that believe the concept of astral projection and all of the details surrounded it will sound like fantasy rather than reality. Though technically you don't have to believe in souls or astral projection for it to happen, but typically when it does it turns the person into a believer in souls and spirit.

What is a soul? A Soul is an infinite energy source in which all consciousness holds within. It is a historical popular belief that only some humans had souls, then that progressed to the idea all humans and even animals have souls, and it is becoming more accepted that plants and other minerals have souls as well. Scientifically there have been studies done to try and prove and disprove the soul.

As we know that energy cant be created, nor destroyed, the soul is the enemy that transitions from the body when death comes. American doctor, Stuart Hameroff and British physicist Sir Roger Penrose developed a quantum theory of consciousness, asserting that our souls are contained inside structures called microtubules which live within our brain cells. Other scientists like Quantum Physicist Fred Alan Wolf, or also known as Dr. Quantum on youtube, also discusses briefly the concept of a spirit or soul in his video on particles.

Now that we have briefly explained the idea of a soul ( and there are links below to help you further understand) we can now move onto the specifics of astral projection. First of all, when you astral project it is about the soul leaving the physical body. The physical body being the material part of self, it is directly connected to the four basic elements discussed in past blogs. When the spirit leaves the body the elements are not connected to their power source and will start to break down quicker. This is where the cord becomes incredibly important as it will tug you to come back for the sake of safety, for both danger and the bodies well being. When this is ignored, then it. can cause health issues, that seem small at the time but can progressively get worse with time. The best action to take in reversing the effects is to add more vegan based meals to your diet, particularly root foods such as potatoes. You will want to only be consuming purified water, and make sure to go for a walk, or do a few lunges to wake the muscles back up. Also make sure your body temperature is properly regulated for the following week after a projection.

Another key component to astral projecting is making sure that your soul is still tied to your body. There should always be a cord tied to your body or a few things can happen. First, you might loose your way back, second the body then actively starts to shut down and die, and third an entity called a body snatcher might abduct your body and then your soul will be lost wondering, or maybe only part of it so that your fully aware. The wandering will continue until you fully reclaim your body or until the body dies and the soul is free to transition as it should.

The Color of the cord is also very important, as it can tell a lot about the health of your body and the empowerment of your soul. There are three main colors that you will want to see in your cord, white, silver and gold. Also some accounts claim a healthy cord may appear clear. This means all is well with the spirit and the bodies rate of decay is extremely low. When the color then changes to purple or blue, it means that the body is breaking down faster and pulling at the spirit. When the Cord turns green then your starting to get into a dangerous place. It means that the cord is pulling energy directly from your heart, which is the door way between the physical and spiritual. When this happens it means that your body has also become a subject for attack by entities, as the door has been opened with a clear trail leading back for others to follow. Once your heart goes under attack it will directly effect those closest to you, there will be more lies amongst you, more trickery on both ends. It starts a chain reaction with the purpose of destroying love in you life in every way.

Under the heart you have three other points, yellow, where you will to live and make changes may start to be attacked. When turning orange it means that your connection to anything one or thing in the physical world will start to feel empty, and drastically lonely. Once red, your very foundation of life will be hard to control. Chaos will seem to be lurking every where. Once it turns black, it is hard to say what exactly will happen at this point. Many say it means that the physical has ceased to be reliable. This is a very dangerous place because it could cause you to get stuck in the middle realm. Become a ghost, roaming the in-between with no way to transition properly out and into the larger realm of reality.

Some of you might be noticing that these colors are the same as the rainbow, as well as the same as the energy points discussed in Kabbalah and Hinduism commonly known as Chakras. And these are correct thoughts. Color is a spiritual code that our eyes are trained to pick up on. With knowing this, it also means that there is a set way of working with the colors and what they indicate to restore the areas that are damaged and to help prevent such issues occurring during traveling. This is why the FIRST thing a person should do during Astral Projection is check their cord, and notice the color of it. Pull out if the color is not Gold, Silver, Or white, and work on the issues before attempting to project again.

If you are a balanced in these areas then there are far less dangers to astral projection. At that point rather than seeing imbalances of your own spirit, you must feel our which dimension you are on, and if your cord is pulling you back or not. A lot of intuition and knowing oneself and knowing how to be aware of your surroundings are all incredibly helpful once you start to explore the astral realms. I will not go into the signs of the different realms themselves.

At this time I want to discuss the different energies and entities one could possibly attract during unhealthy astral projection. If your constantly astral projecting as a means of escape you will undoubtedly be attracting many unwanted things your way. And there are signs that you or a person you care about might have attracted something that causes further imbalances. One example, is the Light parasite. Light parasites are attracted to many people who use magic and spirituality as a means of escape rather than a means of self empowerment. SO these parasites are not just tied to astral projection, however when you astral project it does make you more noticeable to these parasites, than other activities. Light parasites are addicted to higher or “light” vibrations. They push the host to pursue light to a point of being unbalanced between the light and the dark. As a true healthy point is to be balanced between both light and dark as described in the eastern concept of Yin and Yang. When there is a light parasite, you will notice that they have great negative judgment of the darkness, they will claim that all lower vibrations are wrong and must be avoided or pushed away. The main element to look for in this is the JUDGMENT of anything related to dark or lower frequencies. They also will be obsessed with the concept of love and believing that love is the solution to everything while ignoring the fact that love can be dark as well. Dark love is anything that is possessive, or forbidden, such as the love of the Dark Angels had for the human women they choose to marry. As all things are a balance between light and dark.

While we have discussed a lot of issues AND concerns, I want to reiterate that Astral Projection within itself can be just as safe or just as dangerous as any other activity in your life. Just as driving can be dangerous with an experienced driver, or how certain foods can cause a person an algery attack or for some diabetes. All things are about balance and knowing oneself and taking the work needed to stay education and healthy. Once you are able to understand and balance yourself, then I would say Astral Projection can be fun and safely explored. When you do choose to start Astral Projection keep a journal, and stay aware of yourself and your surroundings. There is much to learn and growth to be had in experiencing Astral Projection.

Websites for additional information:!/2011/11/dr-quantum-explains-quantum-physics.aspx

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