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In the world of Magic there are so many different gifts and different realms and ways to explore them. In knowing this I have developed close relationships with other magical people during my Journey. A few of my friends are professions in their work. It is important to me that if your looking for other help that I am unable to provide, that I can give you a community of other legitimate magical people that can help you on your Journey. All of Mystical Friends can be found making Avid posts to our Facebook group, Mystic Path Community.

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Nixie Vale

Nixie is a Rainbow Witch living in Uppingham England. She is a Published Author in which her books can be purchased through Amazon, 

"The Ramblings of a Rainbow Witch Almanac" 


"Wicca: Charms, Potions and Lore (Gothic Dreams) "

Find Nixie at

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Michael Anthony

Michael is an avid Video-Blogger on YouTube. His Channel is called "Our Everyday Lives. 

Michael really helps the individual to see that they are already living daily lives influenced heavily by the magical forces around us rather we realize it or not. 

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Ja’voni White

Ja’voni is From Spring Field  Massachusetts and is a 
Practitioner and Teacher of Luciferianism
Luciferianism: a spiritual path of enlightenment, morals & ethics, contrary to popular belief, it is the relationship with God, the path in embodying the Divine self, our inner God that shines from your eyes.

Ja'voni has both a Written and Video Blog.
Ancient Blood Lines of Light. He is also a regular contributor to the publication of The Mystical Alternative. 

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