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What people are saying about Their experiences with Mystic Path

It has been a very positive experience learning from Lee. She has been able to personalise her work around our needs which has been very helpful as everyone is different. She is very knowledgeable on her work and adjusts her services until the right result is achieved I found lee to be a very genuine and honest spiritual advisor/ healer and teacher who worked hard to get my chakras back up and running correctly and opening me up to my gifts. The sessions are truly amazing and you can feel the energy rush through your body with her guided meditation. We truly fell we can trust her. Also, I felt an upliftment positive energy after our session I'm happy to have come across her and will be working more with her in the future.

Lee is an amazing person full of creative and bubbly energy that is willing to work with you to help you truly understand what you are looking for.

Fun Hands On Learning In Mystic Lee's Class is always a lot of fun. 

Had so much fun making wands in #dragon
#grouptrip #crystal #crystalhunting #mysticpathllc
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